Robert Brindley

Monday, February 22, 2016

Autumn Light, Egton. Watercolour Step by Step - 22nd February 2016

 STEP 1: The subject was drawn out on Arches, 300lb, cold pressed paper using a 2B pencil. The lightest areas were then masked out before the first washes were applied.
 STEP 2: Overall 'Wet in Wet' wash. I mixed several pools of colour using, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Magenta and Cobalt Violet. After wetting the paper all over I carefully introduced the colours to mix on the paper, taking care that too much 'bleeding' doesn't occur.
STEP 3. I removed all of the masking fluid once the paper was dry. Now working on dry paper, I introduced the same colours to give form and develop tone.

STEP 4 / Completed painting: Once again, using the same colours I developed the tone and form further and finally added details.