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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scarborough Art Society - Watercolour Demonstration

Thank you to everyone who came to my Watercolour demonstration on Wednesday, many thanks for inviting me.
I hope you found it interesting. Here are the two paintings

Please contact me if you would like more information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Venice to North Yorkshire with Robert Brindley
For its October session, Scarborough Art Society was treated to a Double Demonstration as Robert Brindley offered a Master Class in landscape watercolour painting. His first subject: ‘Grand Canal Sparkling Light’ was completed in time for him to start on a second landscape: ‘Winter Snow North Yorkshire’.
Robert describes his materials, paper, paints, brushes and discusses the pros and cons of using masking fluid The drawing and masking, already prepared, Robert describes his ‘three stages of progress during the painting. With a palette of just five colours he mixes some wash tones for the sky, water and foreground expressing the importance of keeping the tone consistent through the painting. Then quickly, whilst the paper is damp he paints the shapes and shadows of the buildings capturing the silhouette of Venetian architecture in the distance adding more detail for the middle distance and foreground. Finally, he carefully removes the masking to pick up highlights of reflected light from windows and shining surfaces and the sparkling water of the lagoon. With still some 30 minutes to go, the painting is completed. As he says, “Stop before you over-do it.”
His next subject: farm buildings in snow, with shapes and shadows of roofs and bare trees. Robert explains how this landscape has cooler tonal values than the Venice scene. He applies the same technique, limited palette of colours to meet the right tones for the scene, describing each stage as he paints with extra advice on painting of trees and brushes to use etc. This painting is not quite complete as the evening session ends. However both paintings will be added to his web site in due course.
It was an extra bonus to have a demonstration of two landscape scenes in one evening, particularly by an artist of Robert’s standard. It was impressive to watch an artist with such competence; a most enjoyable and inspiring evening.

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