Robert Brindley

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Remembrance Day 9th November 2014
I am not a badge of honour,
I am not a racist smear,
I am not a fashion statement,
To be worn but once a year,
I am not glorification...
Of conflict or of war.
I am not a paper ornament
A token,
I am more.
I am a loving memory,
Of a father or a son,
A permanent reminder
Of each and every one.
I’m paper or enamel
I'm old or shining new,
I'm a way of saying thank you,
To every one of you.
I am a simple poppy
A Reminder to you all,
That courage faith and honour,
Will stand where heroes fall

The Royal British  Legion was founded by veterans of the First World War who adopted the poppy as their symbol of Remembrance and hope. Today the Legion is at the forefront of
Centenary commemorations.
The problems facing First World War veterans when they returned to the UK, continue to affect serving personnel and veterans today: whether living with bereavement or disability, finding employment, or coping with financial stress.
As the UK’s Custodian of Remembrance, the Legion is leading the nation in respecting the sacrifices of the First World War. As the UK’s largest Armed Forces charity, the Legion is leading in providing direct care and support to Armed Forces and veteran families in need.


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