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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

St George's Day 23rd April

St George was born in Turkey in approximately 270 AD, to Christian parents.
He moved to Palestine with his mother after his father died and became a Roman soldier, well known for his bravery, becoming a personal guard to the Emperor Diocletian
He protested against the torture and persecution of Christians and he was imprisoned and put to death for his beliefs on the 23rd of April.

According to legend, the only well in the town of Silene was guarded by a dragon. In order to get water, the inhabitants of the town had to offer a human sacrifice every day to the dragon. The person to be sacrificed was chosen by lots.
On the day that St George was visiting, a princess had been selected to be sacrificed. 
However, he killed the dragon, saved the princess and gave the people of Silene access to water. In gratitude, they converted to Christianity. 

Happy Saint George's Day!!


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