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Friday, April 02, 2010

Mickleover Art Club 31st March 2010

Thank you to everyone who attended my Watercolour demonstration on Wednesday.
This is the painting as it was when I left:

The following adjustments were made when I returned to the studio:

  • Details were added to the cottages
  • The snow in the field was lightened and pale washes of Cobalt Violet added for extra warmth.
  • The edges of all the masked areas in the wall were softened with a clear, damp brush.
  • Washes of Cobalt Violet, Raw Sienna & Permanent Rose were then added to some of the brighter 'whites'.
  • Additional texture was added to the edge of the road & road surface.

The following final details were added:

  • The wire fence
  • Grasses
  • The fence posts were completed
  • The snow on the cottage roof was adjusted
This is the completed painting:

Please contact me with any queries

Hope to visit again!


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