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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boston Spa - 17th April 2010

Thank you to everyone who attended my Acrylic Workshop at Boston Spa on Saturday.
The painting Below is how the painting was when I left you

To complete the painting I reworked the background before adding the overlapping branches & twigs
Further work was done to develop the water surface.
The distant snow was completed.
Finally, the details for the grasses etc. were added.

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Blogger John Walker said...

Hi Robert,

I just don't understand why no one has bothered to comment on your blog. So, may I say how much your work attracts my eye?

You have the style that appeals to my own ideas of what painting should be. Not photographic, but at the same time, not so impressionistic that I can't interpret what I am looking at. Although, I am sure a full size image would continually reveal fresh things as time went on.

I particularly like the way you can handle all three of my favourite media (or is that mediums?) Oils, watercolour and pastel. With inspiration like this, I know I shall get there one day.
Thank you... I shall keep visiting your blog.

I shall also put your new DVD on my 'wish list'... Have no fear.


1:17 pm  

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