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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Painting Tip (3rd August 2005)

I use a variety of pastels to paint a picture, however they are all 'soft' pastels, and whenever possible, of best quality.

For some years now I have used 'Unison Pastels' exclusively, but fairly recently, I have introduced a selection of pastel pencils by 'Conte' and a set of 'Rowney Pastels' for smaller paintings and detail work.

There are many other manufacturers of equal quality, the following may give you a wider choice:
'Schmincke' (Extra Soft), 'Sennelier', 'Rembrandt' (slightly harder) and 'Art Spectrum'. All are very good, so it is wise to try them out before any bulk purchasing.

Most, if not all manufacturers pastels can be purchased individually, or in sets. I have recently bought a landscape set by'Rowney' and the selection is superb!

Soft pastels can be used successfully on all pastel boards, papers and specially prepared surfaces.


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