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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Watercolour Tip Of The Week (2nd June 2005)

Laying Out The Watercolour Palette

It is advisable to lay out your palette in a methodical manner.

I use a metal watercolour box & my colours are laid out in groups ranging from blues to reds to yellows.

I keep my most commonly used colours along the top & have occasional colours on the left hand side.

I always use tubes & top them up as necessary each time I paint.

I keep them moist by adding a small amount of water every few days, so they are always fresh & ready for use when required.



Anonymous Ian McKendrick said...

Hi Robert,
Are you still using this same palette of colours in your paintings or have they changed? If so, what is your new palette?

Many thanks,

2:31 pm  

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