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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Watercolour Tip Of The Week (7th May 2005)

Making Changes (part one)

Lifting Out:- The success of this largely depends upon the type of paper you are using. Some papers allow colour to be removed more easily than others.
-Carefully dampen area to be removed with a wet brush, and then dab wetted area with a kitchen towel to remove colour. If necessary the process may have to be repeated several times. Extreme care must be taken not to remove too much colour, or to damage the paper.

Scratching Out:- Depending upon the amount of colour to be removed, a craft knife blade can be carefully used.
-The sharp tip of the knife can be used to scratch out fine lines or details.
-By dragging the entire length of the blade edge carefully across the paper, large areas of colour can be removed. By varying the pressure on the blade textural effects can be achieved using this technique. Experiment on scraps of paper to develop different results,
-This method is really a final solution in an attempt to achieve the desired results. The paper will be unable to accept any further applications colour once these attempts have been made.

Part Two next week


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