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Friday, May 20, 2005

Watercolour Tip Of The Week (20th May 2005)

Making Changes (Part Two)

‘Lights’ can be reinstated in a painting by using white Gouache.
Although pure white can be used, if you need to ‘tie in’ the reinstated ‘lights’ to the surrounding colour, a small amount of watercolour can be added to the Gouache.
But be very careful not to contaminate your watercolours with the Gouache!

An alternative to Gouache is the use of four or five light coloured pastel pencils.
I use white, light grey, Naples yellow, a pale pink and a pale blue.
Having applied the pastel to the area to be highlighted, it can be softened by carefully rubbing with a clean finger to remove any hard edges.
The advantage of pastel over Gouache is that if the correction does not work, the pastel can be rubbed out with a clean rubber and an alternative method can be used.

Part Three next week


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