Robert Brindley

Sunday, March 20, 2005

For outdoor painting in oils, I use a small Pochade box.
(The word Pochade comes from the French, meaning ‘quick sketch’).

It is lightweight, compact and easily portable, and can be bought in varying sizes,

The one I use holds four 10”x 8” boards in the lid, approximately 8 tubes of paint, plenty of brushes, a palette knife’, a ‘dipper’ and a small bottle of turpentine and it’s overall dimensions are
11”x 9”x 9”.

There is a thumb hole in the base of the box so that it can be held like a palette, or you can rest it on your lap when seated.

If I want to work to a larger format, I also have a one which holds 10”x12” boards.

The Pochade enables me to carry all the equipment I need, easily.


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