Robert Brindley

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Oil Painting Tip Of The Week (20th February 2005)

To add texture to my ‘oil on board’ paintings, I use Hardboard or MDF cut to the required size. I sand down the boards with fine sandpaper and apply one coat of “Acrylic Primer”. When dry, I apply “Texture / Moulding paste” using a 1” brush to give a random texture.
I then apply a second coat of Acrylic primer.
The final finish is then added by treating each board with a thin wash of paint, mixed with lots of turpentine.
The colours I use vary from Raw Sienna, Raw Sienna plus Ultramarine, to Burnt Sienna. It depends on the subject matter, and whether I want a “warm” or “cool” ground.
This process may seem to be quite involved, but all the stages use acrylic coatings, and therefore the application is fairly fast.